The Ticket Broker Guide

ATTENTION – Newly updated for 2013, the Ticket Broker Guide is adapting to the times and staying fresh:

The Ticket Broker Guide has been newly updated!

The past few years have brought many changes to the business of buying and reselling tickets – Livenation bought Ticketmaster, Paperless Ticketing is on the rise, and Ticketmaster cracked down on Ticket Buying Bots and the brokers who abused them.

Plus we saw countless other changes to the industry, and more are on the way.

Brittany Menard has been tracking the business for years, and she’s walked the walk as a self-employed ticket broker who helped to put herself through college – I can think of nobody better to help you start your own business as a ticket broker – go learn more about what customers of The Ticket Broker Guide are saying. Click here.

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