We thought it might be a good idea to answer a few questions that people seem to have regarding this website and buying/selling tickets and giving a few hints. And since we didn’t know what else to call this page, here are the “Frequently Asked Questions”.

What Are Presale Passwords?

Presale passwords are passwords that allow people to buy tickets before the events go on sale to the general public through ticketmaster. You can get passwords many ways, email lists, fan clubs, promotions, radio, etc.

Why Do I See Different Presales On Ticketmaster?

The most common types of presales are venue, promotion company, radio, fan club and credit card exclusive. The free ones are usually the venue, radio or promotion company presales. You can usually obtain these by subscribing to email lists or listening to the radio, or of course you can just check this site the morning of a presale to get the free password. Credit Card Exclusive presales, which are mostly American Express and Citibank, allow card holders the opportunity to buy tickets before the public. Most of the time you need to purchase the tickets using the specific credit card and the passwords are usually always the same.

I Tried To Use A Password From Your Site But It’s Not Working?

Remember, we post the passwords the morning of the presale. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t other presales for an event that may have started before the current date. So if we post a password today, check the sidebar of the show on ticketmaster and see which presale starts today, that will be the presale our password will be good for. You can also try the password in all of the presale boxes on ticketmaster it may work for a different presale. You can also search our site and find passwords that were used previously, they could still work for more recent presales. If a password still doesn’t work, we apologize, sometimes our sources don’t get the correct information.

Do Presales Give Me Better Tickets Than General Sales?

Not necessarily. The presales have certain blocks of tickets set aside specifically for them. These blocks may or may not be in the best sections of a venue, but if you get in a presale early your chances of getting good seats are better than if you wait and try during the general sale. But you can always buy tickets during the presale then try again during the general sale and if your 2nd attempt at tickets are better just sell the original ones on Stub Hub.

Am I Out of Luck If I Didn’t Get Tickets During A Presale?

Nope. If a presale sells out it does not mean that the show itself is completely sold out. As mentioned above, presales only have certain blocks of tickets to sell so when those are gone, they are gone. When the general tickets go on sale, all the remaining tickets that weren’t set aside for a presale/promotion/corporate/etc, are then sold to the general public. There aren’t as many general tickets as you’d expect after giving away to the channels mentioned above, so we highly recommend, for any show, getting your tickets as soon as they go on sale.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Tickets If The Show Sells Out?

There are a few outlets that people try to sell their extra tickets, some can be expensive so be prepared to spend a little extra if you missed out on the ticketmaster sale. Stub Hub, eBay and Craigslist are all great resources for buying tickets to sold out shows. *Tip* If it’s a show you just kind of want to go to and wouldn’t be upset if you didn’t get tickets, wait until a couple days before the show and check your local craigslist ads. People will start getting desperate to get rid of extra tickets closer to the date of the show and you should be able to pick them up for cheaper than if you bought early.

How Can I Get Notified When You Post Presale Passwords?

There are a few ways we can notify you of newly posted passwords. First you can subscribe to our email list which you can find in the sidebar to the right. We will email you every morning at around 9:30 CST (this may change since that’s too late for east coasters) and give you a list of what was posted today. *NOTE* You will need to actually come to the site in order to get the passwords though, the links in the email will only send you to ticketmaster and not give you the password. The other way to get notifications is to follow us on Twitter. Our Twitter status will update as soon as we start making the post of new passwords in the morning and then will post again once they are live on the site. Twitter is a great tool and probably the best way to get updates as soon as they are available on the site.

How Do I View All of Todays Presales?

On the right side of the site there is a section called “Quick Links”, in that section there is a link that will allow you to view only the presales for the current day.


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